#010 / « Twenties are gone » by Félicia Atkinson

54 pages / 14 x 19 cm / black & white printing / 2012 / first edition of 50 handnumbered copies / perfect bound / soft cover
€12 – £10 – $16 / sold out


Extract 1

The car may go
the big tree.

A secret camp lay in the night.
Maybe some bikers.

I like Danny Lyon’s portraits.
ask him to be my uncle friend.

Can we ?

Who are we ?

Extract 2

Working door closed

A nut, a castle, a curtain, playing an E key .

Watching is not staring is not gazing.

et ferme les yeux.

The twenties are gone. For me.

About the artist

Felicia Atkinson is a French musician, a visual artist and a writer who was born in 1981 in Paris and lives now in Brussels, Belgium.

Her interest in noise music and avant-garde brought her to publish loads of vinyls, cassettes and zines and travel the world to experiment different artist residencies.

Twenties are Gone is her writing piece published as a solo printed matter. Her words have been previously published by several magazines such as Fusées, Year, Mission Impossible or Mouvement…