#019 / « Printing Always Printing » by Nicholas Gottlund

48 pages / 17 x 25 cm / black and white xerox / 2013 / first edition of 150 copies / handnumbered / staple stitched / soft cover
€10 – £8 – $13 / Sold Out


About the book

« Thinking about ‘shelter’ and the idea of ‘home’, I re-read a book I have called « Farming, Always Farming » that my family’s publishing company printed in 1972. It’s a nice book of text and images of traditional farms in the area I’m from. I adapted the title from that. So, this book is composed from photos of the book I took while reading it one afternoon. I added a coarse halftone dot over it all to obscure the text and reduce the imagery to abstract shapes and tones. »
N.G. march 2013

About the artist

Nicholas Gottlund is a photographer and bookmaker. He founded and runs the publishing house Gottlund Verlag that produces limited edition artist books with contemporary photographers.
He currently lives and works in Los Angeles, California and in Kutztown, Pennsylvania.