Shelter Press is an independent publishing company based in the french alpes, founded in 2011 and run by the publisher Bartolomé Sanson and the artist Felicia Atkinson, from the fundament of Kaugummi Books (2005-2011).

Our publishing program focuses on contemporary art, writings, and experimental music through art books, mutliples and records.

The name Shelter has been chosen as a reference to the californian thinker and generous mind LLoyd Kahn who published in the 70′s DIY masterpieces The Dome Book and Shelter.

Our imprint Shelter Press understands the printed matters as an on-growing living architecture where music, art, poetry, can co-habit and think in echoes.

We chose not to have a sedentary space for now but rather organizing nomad exhibitions and events to present our catalogue. In this way, we try to acknowledge that a book, a print or a record is primary a traveling good that need to be shared, exchanged, discussed.

The restrained pool of artist we gather for our index is driven by the same desire of questioning the universe with its utopia and mystery, breaking the linear line of story telling to build a more circular, geodesic, vision of the world.

Shelter Press unit working as a publisher / artist tandem can be read as how we understand our way of working with others. A circular conversation between the artists and the curators.

In our publications, references to vernacular rites, ancient cosmogonies or anonymous art forms are confronting the inspirations and influences of contemporary philosophers and artists such as John Cage, Terry Riley, Henry David Thoreau, Dan Graham or Jacques Ranciere to name a few.

Plants, abstraction, noise music, darkness, patterns, poetry, masks, cosmic sex, sunsets, landscapes, ceremonies, or stones can be found as recurrent topics of the images and sounds you will stare at from our garden.

From a photographic portrait of a disturbing costume shot by Estelle Hanania to the melancholic solar echo of an eerie note played by Jon Porras, we believe that we can hear there the rolling and unrevealed-melody of the hidden, the bare, the simple, the unknown, the unseen, the vanished and the moving shadow.

We do believe that each records and books we publish will offer a threshold to your wonders.

Welcome to our land.


Bartolomé Sanson & Félicia Atkinson
August 2012